I get that being a parent is the most amazing, arduous, magical and exhausting experience on the planet. The behind the scenes work that goes into raising these captivating creatures is nothing short of awe inspiring. You do an outstanding job and it's time for you to celebrate all your hard work. 

Meet me at a lovely outdoor locale or have me come to your home. I'll capture the beautiful bond you've built with your family, make sure you look good, and have fun doing it. :)

A bit about me:

- Like many Seattleites, I hail from elsewhere but love most everything about the city. 

- I developed my love of photography working summers at my hometown newspaper. 

- I have an MA in Journalism.

- I get way too excited about light (sunrises, sunsets, moonlight), plants, coffee, beer, lipstick and chocolate. :)  

I look forward to collaborating with you!




Happy Summer! 

There's nothing I love more than hitting the trails with my little critters