Rocking your photoshoot wardrobe

“What should I wear??”. It's one of the most common concerns among parents prepping for family photos. However, what people are wearing has always seemed to matter the least to me. Lighting, weather and the subject's energy had so much more impact on the results I saw. So “A smile!” I would always quip in response.

Obviously, that answer didn't cut it. Over time I began to understand the concern about clothing. A nicely conceived wardrobe can help everyone feel confident and make the group look cohesive. AND unlikely weather or toddler's moods, it's actually something parents can CONTROL. Yes! So let's do this! Let's pick out the cutest family photo wardrobe and make it easy. Here we go...

Start with yourself:

  • Pick something that makes you feel like a babe
  • Pick something comfortable
  • You don’t need to buy anything new
  • Consider the setting and season and pick accordingly. Will it take place in your house, a field, a beach, an alley?
  • Consider the season and pick accordingly. For example, if you are doing Christmas photos in October make sure to pull out your chunky knits and boots, even if it's a sorcher of a day. 

Move onto your spouse and kids:

  • Choose clothes in similar tones that complement your outfit choice.
  • For example, if you wear a navy colored shirt, your spouse could wear a navy and burgundy checked shirt, kid 1 a blue shirt and kid 2 a dark pink dress. The outfits are not perfectly matching but the photo will still work great. The group will look cohesive instead of having one member stand out because of his bright white shirt.

When in doubt:

  • Choose light colors over dark. I know we all love black but it doesn’t always read as well in camera and a black shirt can cast dark reflections on your face.
  • Pastels and neutrals generally look beautiful in family photos. While I love super vivid colors I can’t help but admire the neutrals my client chose for her kids (to the right) last summer.
  • Choose classic over trendy. By “classic” I mean what’s classically You!